• Fabric Sculpture Series 1

    Fabric Sculpture Series 1 , (Genetic structures). Our environment, the people we meet, the places we visit, the music we listen to, etc, are what make us who we are.  Series 1 was derived from this notion, examining aspects within my own environment that shape me. Utilizing objects such as coins collected on my travels,  my C.D. and vinyl collection, a compilation of signatures from people in passing, to the literal interpretation of DNA structure, sculptural forms were constructed, encompassing these objects within fabric. The objects themselves become obsolete; subsiding to their affiliation with the fabric and the geometric landscapes they create.

    NB. Although all fabric sculptures are exhibited in an interior/gallery context, I am also drawn to the female form as a means to communicate aspects of scale and movement in these works. The body is fundamentally a three dimensional form or space thus can be treated so in the installation of a sculpture. Whether installed in an interior space or on the female form, it is the creation of an affiliation between sculpture and the space it occupies, that determines the sub-sequential image or documentation of the work.
  • Mercury Set

    Mercury Music Prize set commissioned following winning the Mercury Art Prize in 2005. The project consists of six 4.5 meter lighting sculptures, designed to interlock visually with the stage backing; a large two dimensional mural depicting the winning Mercury Art Prize sculpture. Constructed from silver Lycra and wooden discs of varying diameters, these sculptures were created with the intention to continue the examination of notions formed from Fabric Sculpture Series 1, (most notable the relationship between sculpture and the female form).


  • Fabric Skull

    Privately Commissioned Fabric Sculpture. 55cm x 45cm x 30cm. Formed Knitted Stretch Jersey. Filippo Pecora Collection.
  • Wood Works

    Drawn from the notion of ‘perfection’, seeming faultless spherical wooden sculptures constructed from tooth picks and barbeque skews, were designed with a tumor or growth within the base mold resulting in a geometrically erroneous finish.