• Chain Reactions

    A collaborative project with Sarah Van Gameren. Conceived as a giant time piece, 100 000 match sticks were aligned like domino's and set ablaze. The installation was design to burn for 12 hours, enabling the time to be take via the kinetic movement of the flame.
  • Kinetics

    An installation consisting of 25 kinetic/lighting sculptures, commissioned by Artwise Curators for temporary show at Maison Blanche, Paris. Constructed from Plexiglass rod and tubes of  fabric mesh, each unit within the installation was strung between a steal base and self-designed motorised mechanism. The bases acted as an anchor as the motorised mechanisms slowly coiled each unit into a spiral/helix structure. On reaching the optimum point tension (when each unit was unable to coil any further), the motorised mechanisms realised the coiled structures, at which point the velocity of the uncoil is such that the illusion of a ‘whirlwind of light’ is created. This cycle is then repeated.
  • Untitled (Fabric Sculpture)

    Abstract privately commissioned Fabric Sculpture. Knitted stretch jersey, synthetic spheres, wooden rods.