• Fabric Sculpture Series 2

    Fabric Sculpture Series 2, (External Tumours). Fundamentally tumours are caused by an accumulation of mutations within the DNA of cells that lead to their uncontrolled division, and subsequently the abnormal growth of tissue. Series 2 was primarily derived from notions from such cell mutations. Items such as defaced coins, C.D.'s containing corrupted data and irreparably scratched vinyls were encompassed within fabric. My resulting desire was such that the sculptures themselves appear as an integral part of the female form, irreparably distorting the physical appearance; As External Tumours their application to the body seamless, as if they were bound, grown and shaped by time.
  • Future Landscapes

    A series of twelve wall based canvases (90cm x 90cm) created utilizing a self-developed technique to permanently form any given fabric into any given shape. Molds for the canvases were created from adapted Ikea products such as a bed, table and a chair cut into sections, with the intention of creating a paradox between the mass produced and the uniquely hand crafted.
  • Glass Rope

    A pair of glass sculptures intended to challenge the juxtaposition between material and function. Inherently glass is a rigid, fragile material, whilst the properties of rope are commonly associated with the direct opposite. In seeking a method of construction that questions this and our perception of material's relationship to it's function, the theory of the innate spiral was formed. By filling a tube of stretch jersey with identical symmetrical objects larger than the non-stretched with of the tube, surplus volume is created with the tube. This surplus volume is expelled at a 45 degree angle from the seem of the tube, thus generating a permanent three dimensional spiral from the objects contained with in the tube. In this case over ten thousand glass marbles were shared between the two structures, uniting individual glass spirals in the construction of glass rope.

  • Untitled (Fabric Sculpture)

    Abstract Fabric Sculpture, commissioned by Dickson Russell Art Management for the atrium of Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Untitled 07 measures 15 meters in length when fully extended, and is constructed from knitted stretch jersey and wooden discs.