• Fabric Sculpture Series 1

    Fabric Sculpture Series 1 , (Genetic structures). Our environment, the people we meet, the places we visit, the music we listen to, etc, are what make us who we are.  Series 1 was derived from this notion, examining aspects within my own environment that shape me. Utilizing objects such as coins collected on my travels,  my C.D. and vinyl collection, a compilation of signatures from people in passing, to the literal interpretation of DNA structure, sculptural forms were constructed, encompassing these objects within fabric. The objects themselves become obsolete; subsiding to their affiliation with the fabric and the geometric landscapes they create.

    NB. Although all fabric sculptures are exhibited in an interior/gallery context, I am also drawn to the female form as a means to communicate aspects of scale and movement in these works. The body is fundamentally a three dimensional form or space thus can be treated so in the installation of a sculpture. Whether installed in an interior space or on the female form, it is the creation of an affiliation between sculpture and the space it occupies, that determines the sub-sequential image or documentation of the work.