• Iambic Rhythm

    A site specific kinetic installation commissioned by Veuve Clicquot for the Andaz, Liverpool Street. Iambic Rhythm was derived from an anatomical interpretation of the architecture and it's function within the Andaz.

    The Rotunda, a six storey atrium space was chosen as the project site. Spatially the Rotunda connects the ground floor lobby/reception room to every other level of the building, whilst a lift shaft running parallel to the space serves the movements of guests. Similarities can be drawn between functions of lobby and the human heart. As the heart accommodates the purpose of all other organs in the human body, the lobby or reception area serves the function of every other room with in the Andaz. Likewise an anatomical parallel can be found between the Rotunda and the arteries and veins with in the human body. Both a means of connection and transportasion for their respective environments.

    Iambic Rhythm was intended to play with this notion, animating the space in kinetic terms. I sought to give the Rotunda a pulse and the lobby a heart, a physical manifestation referencing the living and breathing architecture that the project occupied.

    The installation itself consists of a grid of thirty-two, 25 meter lengths of rope, that are strung under tension the vertical length of the Rotunda. A crank slider mechanism at the base of the installation anchors the ropes. Kinetic energy created by sharp lateral movements of crank slider mechanism is transferred to the grid of ropes. In turn this kinetic energy passes through the length of ropes generating a range of wave like movement that ungulate through the space.